Who I Am

Hello, my name is Eilidh. I left my home of Glasgow, Scotland what seems like a lifetime ago – just over 4 years. In that time I have travelled Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia and now New Zealand. Looking back at the person who took that first flight from Edinburgh to Bangkok makes me feel like I have aged by 100 years. I had just graduated university and there was nothing I wanted to do less than get into a grad job. My friend at the time was also having the same feeling, so we started to plan an initial three month trip to South East Asia. It felt nothing but ridiculously exciting, I think it might have been one of the first times that my soul actually felt like it was on the right path. I remember being in the airport hotel room alone, after my parents had dropped me off and we had said our goodbyes, and I couldn’t stop crying. Leaving my family has always been the worst part of all of this, I wish I could bundle them up into a suitcase and have them experience everything with me. However, taking that leap at 21 is the thing that is now at the core of who I am.

After three months of travelling SE Asia, I knew I was no where near done and the thought of going home to start adult life was not even an option. I had heard about the Working Holiday Visa that Australia had and last minute (as you get to know me you’ll realise that every big decision I make is one made under panic… my mother does not love this) we applied for the visa and it got granted within minutes. A few weeks later we were on our way to Sydney with around $100 to my name, and luckily a family friend’s place to stay. I will fill you all in in more detail about each adventure as we go, but 2 years later my time in Australia came to an end and two weeks before I was supposed to land home, my soul was screaming at me to make a different decision. Once again, I applied very last minute to the same Working Holiday Scheme that New Zealand offers and it got accepted within a week – the anticipation of waiting on an approved visa is one I do not recommend trying to experience under time restraints. I made the switch from one end of the world to the other (sorry family) and that was me on the way to the countries capital – Wellington. Within a month I was locked down in this new city and I can honestly say that this period of time was one of the most significant in my life. I started to run up a glorified hill every single day, which is a little like meditating in my eyes. My body got stronger, my mind slowed down and the beautiful nature surrounding Wellington brought me peace at heart. A year and a half into being with the love of my life, we have moved into our little camper van and are taking it around the South Island of New Zealand and I feel like I am ready to try something a little bit out of my comfort zone – sharing some of my writing.

I have suffered with anxiety my whole life, for most of this time I wasn’t aware what was happening was actually anxiety. I just thought it was me, I’ve always been a worrier, there are definitely periods in my life where it has been a lot worse than other times and I am starting to be able to decipher which is which. I am learning that the more I allow myself to just be, to chase my own dreams and to allow the universe to guide me, the less anxiety I carry. Once I start putting myself under the pressure of what society expects of me, I move out of alignment. And each time I think of something I’d like to do, I tell myself there’s no way I could do it (including starting this blog). While I will be spending a lot of time telling you all to trust your gut, that process is always on going and each scary step that succeeds takes me one step further from that self limitation. Nothing happens overnight, but with a little bit of faith in the jump, a lot of wonderful things can happen.

I am a believer of a higher power, magic outwith our understanding, needing to trust our inherent intuition, the need for the fall of capitalism and making a life that belongs to you. With this blog, I aim to take you on my journey to me, as well as open up the idea to others that you don’t need to be rich in money to be rich in experiences – I am usually pretty low on cash – and hopefully give at least one person the idea that their dreams can be made a reality.

Thank you for reading and being here with me, I truly appreciate your time and energy.

3 responses to “Who I Am”

  1. Hi Eilidh 🙂

    what a fun blog! 😀

    I found it via your latest post (just now), and both are quite a mouthful. I can usually manage a sentence or two, a couple paragraphy … and, well this is almost something like philosophical essay, right? 😉

    Uh-oh… this is just supposed to be a comment … ummm… well, so I’ll DL these & read (& perhaps review) them sometime. I’ll also subscribe right away — because this seems like just TOO MUCH FUN to miss out on!

    🙂 Norbert

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I really appreciate it and would love to read a review any time 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would ❤ for you to ❤ to read it, too! 😀 (LOL)

        Oh, and whenever a typo happens (I wrote "paragraphy" instead of "paragraphs"), it seems like I an never able to live it down. 😐


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