Anxiety Journaling

I wanted to dig a little deeper into journaling. I find it to be one of the most healing things I can do for myself and understand myself on a different level. I have wrote this template for anyone who might want to get into journaling but doesn’t quite know where to start. Please feel […]

My Journey with Anxiety

And things that I find can help. It is very easy to look into someone else’s life and think that they have it all figured out. My intention with this blog was to share my story and to try to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone. So, I want to share a […]

4 Weeks in The Golden Bay

As I sit writing this on the beach, my heart is full. We have just spent a month in the Golden Bay, and it was just as wonderful as everyone said it would be… When we left Vistara, we had gotten a job at the Anatoki Salmon farm in Takaka – part of the Golden […]

Away for Christmas

This is now my fourth Christmas spent away from home and it never gets any easier or feel anything like the Christmas’s I hold close to my heart. Christmas at my house back home in Scotland is one big chaotic party. I have quite a large family, who are all very close to each other, […]


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